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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Crwsf::CountingPointer< rwsf::net::SocketAddressFactory >
 Crwsf::CountingPointer< rwsf::net::SocketAddressFactoryBase >
 Crwsf::AgentMethodImpAbstract base class for implementing Agent methods
 Crwsf::Base64EncoderEncodes and decodes base64 encoded strings
 Crwsf::CallInfo::ParameterObjectRepresents operation parameters. Generally not for direct use
 Crwsf::CallInfo::SoapHeaderObjectRepresents element values in a SOAP header object
 Crwsf::CallInfo::TransportHeaderObjectRepresents element values in a transport header
 Crwsf::ConnectorImpAbstract base class for implementing Agent connectors
 Crwsf::CookieRepresents a single HTTP cookie
 Crwsf::CountingPointer< T >Smart pointer class that is intended for use as a handle to a reference-counted body
 Crwsf::DateTimeRepresents a data and time as milliseconds from January 1, 1901 00:00:00:000 UTC
 Crwsf::DaylightBoundaryEncapsulates the month, week, weekday, and minute of a Daylight Saving Time rule
 Crwsf::DaylightRuleRepresents a single Daylight Saving Time rule
 Crwsf::DecimalBaseProvides enumerations used in the rwsf::Decimal class
 Crwsf::EventListenerBase class for all event listener classes in HydraExpress
 Crwsf::ExceptionInfoStores system information related to the section of code where an exception occurred
 Crwsf::FilterBase class for filters
 Crwsf::FilterChainProvides a view of the invocation chain of a filtered request for a resource
 Crwsf::HandleBaseBase class for handle classes
 Crwsf::HandlerManagerManages handlers for a service, and is used to set a logger in generated clients
 Crwsf::HttpSessionEventProvides access to a session at session creation or destruction
 Crwsf::HttpSessionIdGeneratorAbstract base class for implementing HTTP session ID generator
 Crwsf::LocaleAbstract base class to format conversion of strings to and from dates and times
 Crwsf::LogFileWriterWrites logging messages to a file
 Crwsf::LogLevelFilterFilters logging messages based on their log level
 Crwsf::LogManagerProvides a central point for accessing logger instances
 Crwsf::LogMessageConstructs log messages, provides insertion operators for basic types, and can be extended to support user-defined types as well
 Crwsf::LogSplitterDelivers a single logging message to two defined output locations
 Crwsf::LogTimeFormatterReformats log messages with the message's log level and a timestamp
 Crwsf::MessageAttachmentRepresents a MIME attachment in generated code
 Crwsf::MessageHandlerImpBase class for all message handler implementations, providing an interface for message processing
 Crwsf::MessagePropertiesBase class for rwsf::CallInfo. Not intended for direct use
 Crwsf::NamedObjectImpAbstract interface that is the body class for the NamedObject handle. To create a concrete instance, use a NamedObjectImp subtype
 Crwsf::NamingContextContains all NamedObject instances for a service, acting like a global registry and instantiating each object at startup
 Crwsf::RefCountingObjectBase class for classes that must maintain a thread-safe reference count
 Crwsf::RefCountingPointer< T >A smart pointer that is a handle to a reference-counting body, deleting the body instance when the reference count reaches zero
 Crwsf::ServletAbstract base class for servlets
 Crwsf::ServletContextEventEvent class for servlet context change notifications
 Crwsf::ServletMessageInfoHandlerImpHandler that dispatches messages to a Servlet container. Not intended for direct use
 Crwsf::ServletOutputStreamOutput stream for writing a response
 Crwsf::ServletRequestEncapsulates a client request object
 Crwsf::ServletResponseEncapsulates the response a servlet returns to the client
 Crwsf::SoapBaseCommon abstract base class for all SOAP parsing objects
 Crwsf::TimeSpanProvides constructors to create a timespan instance, and convenience methods to access its different parts
 Crwsf::TimeZoneAbstract base class for customizing timezone details
 Crwsf::TransportManagerManages transports and listeners for a message
 Crwsf::XmlAttributeRepresents an attribute of an XML element
 Crwsf::XmlAttributeSetInserts, iterates, and searches rwsf::XmlAttribute objects in a set based on rwsf::XmlName values
 Crwsf::XmlMarshallerBase class for generated marshaling classes
 Crwsf::XmlNameRepresents a complete XML element name, containing a name as a string, and an instance of XmlNamespace
 Crwsf::XmlNamespaceRepresents an XML namespace, containing a prefix and a URI as instances of std::string
 Crwsf::XmlUtilsUtility class for XML transformation, especially character set conversions between non-UTF-8 character encoding and UTF-8
 Crwsf::XmlValidatorContains methods that validate XML instance documents, available through the isValid() method of generated classes
 Crwsf::XmlWriterAbstract base class that provides an interface for writing XML messages
 Cstd::exceptionSTL class

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