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rwsf::MessageHandlerImp Class Reference

Base class for all message handler implementations, providing an interface for message processing. More...

#include <rwsf/webservice/MessageHandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for rwsf::MessageHandlerImp:
rwsf::MessageListenerImp rwsf::ServiceSkeletonBase rwsf::TransportImp rwsf::HttpMessageListener rwsf::HttpTransport rwsf::HttpsMessageListener rwsf::HttpsTransport

Public Member Functions

 MessageHandlerImp ()
virtual ~MessageHandlerImp ()
virtual void destroy ()
virtual void init (const rwsf::Config &initParams)
virtual void invoke (rwsf::CallInfo &callInfo)

Related Functions

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Detailed Description

rwsf::MessageHandlerImp provides an interface for processing messages. All message handler implementations derive from this base class, including generated proxies, services, skeletons, and loggers.

To create a new service handler, derive from this class and implement the method invoke(). For more information, see the Web Service Development Guide.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rwsf::MessageHandlerImp::MessageHandlerImp ( )

Default constructor.

virtual rwsf::MessageHandlerImp::~MessageHandlerImp ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual void rwsf::MessageHandlerImp::destroy ( )

Provides the message handler a chance to perform cleanup tasks and deallocate resources. A message handler should perform all resource deallocation and cleanup tasks in the destroy() method, rather than in its destructor.

virtual void rwsf::MessageHandlerImp::init ( const rwsf::Config initParams)

Initializes this handler. The values of the parameter initParams come from the handlers.xml file that defines the handler chains for this service.

Reimplemented in rwsf::MessageListenerImp, and rwsf::ServiceSkeletonBase.

virtual void rwsf::MessageHandlerImp::invoke ( rwsf::CallInfo callInfo)

This method implements the main functionality of a service and is called by any service or client invoking the service.

Reimplemented in rwsf::TransportImp, rwsf::MessageListenerImp, and rwsf::ServiceSkeletonBase.

Friends And Related Function Documentation


Use this macro to define a handler and register it with the lookup registry.


Use this macro to define a static handler and register it with the lookup registry. This version of the macro should be used in client executables where the definition will not need to be exported.

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