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HydraExpress™ C++ API Reference Guide

Organization of this Reference

This reference guide is generated from source code comments. Below are some guidelines on how to navigate this new reference.

Modules: Contains functional groupings of classes and related global functions, analogous to packages.

Classes: Contains these four listings:

  • Alphabetical Index: A concise alphabetical index of the classes in the API.
  • Annotated List: An annotated alphabetical list of the classes in the API.
  • Class Hierarchy: A hyperlink class hierarchy.
  • Class Members: A comprehensive index of class members and related functions in the API.

Related Pages: Contains the sub page Deprecated List, a list of all deprecated classes, members, and non-members.


Every page has a search box that let's you search on symbols: classes, functions, variables, typedefs, enumerations, enumerators, and friends. To be clear: this is not full-text search, so searching on "hashmap" will return no matches, but 'hash' will because many classes have a hash() function.

A dropdown menu on the left side of the search box lets you restrict the search to a single type of symbol, with the default being all symbols. The results show matching symbols, and if you click on one, you will see a list of all places where the symbol is documented. Click the close icon on the right side of the search box to close the results box.

Inherited Members

The main class description page only documents members declared in the class. That is, it does not document inherited members inline. To see the list of all members, whether declared in the class or inherited from a base class, click the List of all members link near the top of the class description page.

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