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rwsf::LogRotatingFileWriter Class Reference

Provides the ability to define a rotating logger to control file size. More...

#include <rwsf/core/LogRotatingFileWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for rwsf::LogRotatingFileWriter:

Detailed Description

This Logger implementation writes to a file until the file reaches a specified size, and then moves the log file aside and writes to a new file, again until the specified size is reached. The parameters for the size of the file, the location of the historical backups, and the number of historical backups to keep before deleting old ones, are all configurable. To use this logger, you must specify ".createRotatingFileLogger" in the logger configuration file, typically loggers.xml. In the logger definition, the following properties must be specified:

Example of definition in logger configuration file, typically loggers.xml:

<logger name="rotating.log" class="rwsf_core.createRotatingFileLogger">
<property name="filename" value="${RWSF_HOME}/logs/agent.log"/>
<property name="formatter" value="rwsf_core.createLogTimeFormatter"/>
<property name="mode" value="append"/>
<property name="measurement" value="mb"/>
<property name="measuresize" value="1"/>
<property name="cleanup" value="y"/>
<property name="logfilenum" value="10"/>
<property name="logdir" value="${RWSF_HOME}/logs"/>

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