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rwsf::ServletContextEvent Class Reference

Event class for servlet context change notifications. More...

#include <rwsf/servlet/ServletContextEvent.h>

Inherited by rwsf::ServletContextAttributeEvent.

Public Member Functions

rwsf::ServletContext getServletContext () const

Detailed Description

rwsf::ServletContextEvent provides access to an rwsf::ServletContext when the Agent creates the context, when the Agent is about to destroy the context, or when attributes within the context change. When a context is created or destroyed, the Agent passes an instance of this class to rwsf::ServletContextListener objects within the Agent. When a context attribute changes, the Agent passes an instance of this class to rwsf::ServletContextAttributeListener objects within the Agent.

Member Function Documentation

rwsf::ServletContext rwsf::ServletContextEvent::getServletContext ( ) const

Returns the servlet context that changed.

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