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rwsf::LogSplitter Class Reference

Delivers a single logging message to two defined output locations. More...

#include <rwsf/core/LogSplitter.h>

Inherits rwsf::LoggerImp.

Detailed Description

This Logger implementation acts as a splitter, channeling the log output to two loggers at the same time. To use this logger implementation, specify ".createLogSplitter" in the loggers configuration file. Under the logger definition, the following properties must be specified:

Example of definition in logger configuration file, typically loggers.xml:

<logger name="log.logger1" class="rwsf_core.createFileLogger">
<property name="filename" value="${RWSF_HOME}/logs/agent1.log"/>
<logger name="log.logger2" class="rwsf_core.createFileLogger">
<property name="filename" value="${RWSF_HOME}/logs/agent2.log"/>
<logger name="rwsf.agent.log" class="rwsf_core.createLogSplitter" default="true">
<property name="logger1" value="log.logger1"/>
<property name="logger2" value="log.logger2"/>

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