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rwsf::EventListener Class Reference

Base class for all event listener classes in HydraExpress. More...

#include <rwsf/servlet/EventListener.h>

Inheritance diagram for rwsf::EventListener:
rwsf::HttpSessionListener rwsf::ServletContextListener

Detailed Description

rwsf::EventListener is the base class for all event listener classes in HydraExpress. A derived listener receives notification of specific events in the Agent. For example, the Agent notifies an rwsf::HttpSessionListener object when a session is created, destroyed, or modified.

The Agent loads listeners during servlet initialization. Listeners persist for the life of the Agent and receive events as soon as the Agent begins processing requests.

Class rwsf::EventListener itself receives no notifications. Listeners should inherit from one of the classes deriving from rwsf::EventListener rather than inheriting rwsf::EventListener directly.

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