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rwsf::HttpSessionBindingEvent Class Reference

Encapsulates information about attribute changes in a session, passed by the Agent to session listeners. More...

#include <rwsf/servlet/http/HttpSessionBindingEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for rwsf::HttpSessionBindingEvent:

Public Member Functions

std::string getName () const
rwsf::Attribute getValue () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from rwsf::HttpSessionEvent
 HttpSessionEvent (const rwsf::HttpSession &session)
 ~HttpSessionEvent ()
rwsf::HttpSession getSession () const

Detailed Description

rwsf::HttpSessionBindingEvent encapsulates information about changes to sessions. The Agent passes an instance of this class to an rwsf::HttpSessionListener when a session adds an attribute, removes an attribute, or replaces an attribute. See class rwsf::HttpSessionListener for details on the session listener.

Member Function Documentation

std::string rwsf::HttpSessionBindingEvent::getName ( ) const

Returns the name of the attribute that has been added, removed, or replaced.

rwsf::Attribute rwsf::HttpSessionBindingEvent::getValue ( ) const

Returns the value of the changed attribute. If a new attribute is added, returns the new value. If the attribute has been removed or replaced, returns the old value.

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