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rwsf::LogLevelFilter Class Reference

Filters logging messages based on their log level. More...

#include <rwsf/core/LogLevelFilter.h>

Inherits rwsf::LoggerImp.

Detailed Description

This Logger implementation filters logging requests by whether they are at or below a specified log level threshold. To use it, you must specify ".createLogLevelFilter" in the logger configuration file. Under the logger definition, the following properties must be specified:

The threshold values map directly to log levels defined in the Logger::LogLevel enumeration.

Example of a filter definition in logger configuration file, typically loggers.xml:

<logger name="logger1" class="rwsf_core.createFileLogger">
<property name="filename" value="${RWSF_HOME}/logs/agent.log"/>
<logger name="logger1.info" class="rwsf_core.createLogLevelFilter">
<property name="logger" value="logger1"/>
<property name="filter" value="info"/>

This filter would log any log message with the level "fatal", "error", "warn", or "info", and would block all others.

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