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rwsf::Transport Class Reference

Reference to all transport implementations. Used in generated proxies. More...

#include <rwsf/webservice/transport/Transport.h>

Inheritance diagram for rwsf::Transport:
rwsf::MessageHandler rwsf::HandleBase

Public Types

enum  statusCode { success, failure }

Public Member Functions

 Transport ()
 Transport (TransportImp *imp)
 Transport (const Transport &trans)
virtual ~Transport ()
void init (const rwsf::Config &initParams)
Transportoperator= (const Transport &trans)
- Public Member Functions inherited from rwsf::MessageHandler
 MessageHandler ()
 MessageHandler (const MessageHandler &handler)
 MessageHandler (MessageHandlerImp *impl)
 ~MessageHandler ()
void destroy ()
void init (const rwsf::Config &initParams)
void invoke (rwsf::CallInfo &callInfo)
MessageHandleroperator= (const MessageHandler &obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from rwsf::HandleBase
bool isValid (void) const
bool operator!= (const HandleBase &second) const
bool operator== (const HandleBase &second) const

Protected Member Functions

TransportImpbody () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from rwsf::HandleBase
 HandleBase (void)
 HandleBase (StaticCtor)
 HandleBase (BodyBase *body)
 HandleBase (const HandleBase &second)
virtual ~HandleBase (void)
BodyBase & body (void) const
HandleBaseoperator= (const HandleBase &second)

Detailed Description

rwsf::Transport is a reference to all transport implementations, i.e. transport objects that derive from rwsf::TransportImp. A transport is a message handler, so this class derives from rwsf::MessageHandler. Generated proxy classes hold a transport reference which is either directly passed in or inferred from a URL. Generated clients contain a member of this type.

The properties on a transport are configured using the two configuration files transports.xml, and client-transports.xml. For more information on these files, and customizing or creating transports, see the transports chapter in the Web Service Development Guide.

This class uses reference semantics in which an instance of this class is a reference to an implementation class.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enumeration containing values for statusCode property.


The transport has been successfully initialized and a connection established, as defined by the transport specification. For example, if HTTP returns 200 (HTTP status code for OK), this value is set to success, otherwise failure.


The transport was not successfully initialized or a connection was not established.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rwsf::Transport::Transport ( )

Default constructor. Constructs an empty transport handler.

rwsf::Transport::Transport ( TransportImp imp)

Constructs a new handler bound to a new transport instance, and increments a reference count.

rwsf::Transport::Transport ( const Transport trans)

Creates a new handle as a reference to trans.

virtual rwsf::Transport::~Transport ( )


Member Function Documentation

TransportImp& rwsf::Transport::body ( ) const

Returns the body attached to this handle; otherwise throws an rwsf::ExternalException.

void rwsf::Transport::init ( const rwsf::Config initParams)

Sets the initialization parameters and initializes the transport.

Transport& rwsf::Transport::operator= ( const Transport trans)

Assignment operator.

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