Getting started

The following steps will help you to get started with Helix Sync:

  1. Read about how Helix Sync works. See How Helix Sync works.

  2. Install Helix Sync on your computer. See Installing Helix Sync.

  3. Install Helix Visual Client (P4V) on your computer. This is required for creating your workspace. See Installing P4V.

  4. Create a workspace in P4V. See Creating a workspace in P4V.

  5. Log in to Helix Sync. See Logging in.

  6. Select a local folder where you want to work with files in the workspace. See Selecting a folder for your workspace.

  7. Sync your workspace to download files from the Helix server. See Downloading changes.

  8. Start working with your files locally. See Working with files in your workspace.