Executing a Buildspec from the Command Line
As an alternative to running buildspecs from the RCB GUI, you can run buildspecs from the command line. Buildspecs executed from the command line are built more quickly than those executed in the GUI.
There are two ways to launch a build from the command line. Both methods require the buildspec to be created in the GUI:
*Create a buildspec, exit the GUI at the Build Queue screen, and run the build manager from the command line, as explained in Running the Build Manager from the Command Line (Method 1).
*Specify Create makefiles only on the Build Action screen, submit the buildspec on the Build Queue screen, and then run make on the results, as explained in Running make from the Command Line (Method 2).
The following sections describe the command line buildspec creation process in more detail. For information on additional command line options to RCB, see the whitepaper documenting RCB’s command line capabilities, RCB Command Line Interface located in your install directory at <installdir>\docs\pdf\RCBCommandLineWhitepaper.pdf.