Running make from the Command Line (Method 2)
To invoke the build manager from the command line:
1. In RCB, create a buildspec (as explained in Creating Buildspecs) that specifies Create makefiles only as the build action.
2. At the Build queue screen shown in Consider Build Queue Options, submit the buildspec to the RCB build manager by doing one of the following:
*Click Build entries in Queue, or
*Click Exit and then invoke RCB from the command line as shown in Step 3 of Running the Build Manager from the Command Line (Method 1).
3. Go to the directory containing the makefile and execute make.
The makefile is located in:
For example, for the Essential Tools Module being built in the 12s build configuration, the makefile would be in:
The results of running a buildspec are explained in Results of Running a Buildspec.
If you want to invoke all the makefiles for a configuration at once, RCB creates a makeall script file to do so. For more information, see Invoking RCB's Makefiles from the Command Line.