SourcePro conforms to the newest security standards, improves usability, and supports the latest platforms, compilers, and databases.

This page points to some key features and getting started info.
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Get Started

Install and build the product, and build your applications.

Install and build SourcePro Build your applications

SourcePro Core is comprised of five modules containing fundamental C++ components. The Essential Tools Module is the foundation for all other products, including classes representing strings, date/times, streams and collections. Other modules offer classes for internationalization/localization, writing multi-threaded applications, and serialization.

SourcePro Core

SourcePro DB is an interface to relational databases. It is a complete library of classes that encapsulate SQL 92 Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL) constructs. SourcePro DB supports DB2 CLI, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, Oracle OCI, Sybase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

SourcePro DB

SourcePro Net provides a set of C++ components for writing networked applications with support from the socket to the protocol layer. It consists of three modules that offer classes for networking, internet protocols, and security.

SourcePro Net

SourcePro Analysis consists of a range of classes that solve specialized problems in business and research. It contains four modules that offer classes for math, linear algebra, currency, and business analysis such as analyzing multiple linear and logistic regression.

SourcePro Analysis