Running the Build Manager from the Command Line (Method 1)
To run the build manager from the command line:
1. Create a buildspec in the GUI, as explained in Creating Buildspecs.
2. At the Build Queue screen, shown in Consider Build Queue Options, exit the GUI.
3. Invoke the build manager on the command line:
rcb build -b buildspace\records\specs\buildspecname.bsf
NOTE: If the buildspec specifies an export buildspace, the buildspec is located at export_buildspace\records\specs\buildspecname.bsf.
The buildspec is processed exactly the same way as when invoked from the GUI, except that the output is sent to the command window rather than to a window in the GUI.
There are two advantages to this approach: it is a little faster, and it is less resource intensive. The disadvantage is that you can start running only one buildspec at a time, whereas the GUI lets you process several buildspecs with a single invocation.
Note that if you specified just create makefiles in the buildspec, the build manager stops at that point just as it would when invoked from RCB. You would then proceed as described in Running make from the Command Line (Method 2).
The results of running a buildspec are explained in Results of Running a Buildspec.