Agent Starts, No Contexts Load
The Agent starts, but its log does not contain any entries to indicate that it successfully loaded any contexts; for example, lines such as below are not present:
INFO|2010-06-03T08:03:46,174-07:00| Loading context: /dayofweek/
INFO|2010-06-03T08:03:46,283-07:00| Loading context: /examples/
INFO|2010-06-03T08:03:46,283-07:00| Loading context: /handlers/
This may mean that the Agent cannot find the deployment apps\servlets directory, cannot read the directory, or the directory is empty. (The default deployment directory is located at <installdir>\apps\servlets.)
To correct this problem:
*Check that the location of your deployed servlets matches the location of the deployment directory defined in the Agent configuration file rwagent.xml. See Changing the Default Deployment Directories.
*Make sure that the Agent has read permission for the apps\servlets directory.
*Make sure that at least one context is present under the apps\servlets directory.
If the Agent has only one context and the apps\servlets directory satisfies all of the conditions above, see Context Does Not Load to troubleshoot problems with an individual context.