Changing the Default Deployment Directories
The location of the web.xml deployment directory is defined in the Agent configuration file rwagent.xml, specified by the value of the rwsf:webappsDir property, like so:
<rwsf:handler-chain name="http">
<rwsf:handler name="httpServer"
<rwsf:property name="rwsf:webappsDir"
If you wish to change where you deploy a servlet’s web.xml, change the value in the rwagent.xml file.
NOTE: Be aware that if you change the default location of the deployment directory in rwagent.xml, any Web service projects that are generated using the HydraExpress code generator will not deploy correctly without edits to the project-level generated makefile. Code generation is not discussed in this guide, nor used in servlet development; instead, see the HydraExpress Web Service Development Guide.