Context Does Not Load
When an entire context fails to load, the Agent is typically unable to process the web.xml file for the context, usually for these reasons:
*The servlet’s web.xml file is missing, or the WEB-INF directory containing it is missing, in which case an error such as this will be written to the log:
INFO|2010-06-03T09:50:40,105-07:00| Loading context: /helloworld/
ERROR|2010-06-03T09:50:40,105-07:00| /helloworld: Exception reading file
C:\RWSF/apps/servlets/helloworld/WEB-INF/web.xml not found�
The context directory has not been deployed to the expected location (the default being <installdir>\apps\servlets\<context-directory>, as defined in rwagent.xml (see Agent Starts, No Contexts Load). If this occurs, no error is thrown because the Agent has no knowledge of the context. Be sure that servlets are deployed to the expected location.
*The Agent has read permission on the context directory, the WEB-INF directory, and the web.xml file. If either WEB-INF or web.xml are not readable, the Agent logs the same error as above, i.e. “...web.xml not found.”