Specify Build Options
After selecting components, the build options screen launches where you must answer a sequence of questions regarding your buildspec. The question sequence varies depending on the components selected and answers provided.
*Left Pane
This is known as the question list. It indicates your position in the buildspec creation process. The text on the left side represents the questions that RCB asks during the creation process.
Some questions do not appear until certain circumstances are met and RCB is forced to collect more information, as described in the section Unavailable (Greyed-out) Answers.).
*A check mark means that the question has already received an answer.
*A question mark indicates that an answer is still required.
*An arrow indicates the question that you are currently on.
The text on the right side of the pane represents the answers that you have given so far. These fields remain blank until you have completed them.
You can jump to any location in the question list by clicking that question. Forward jumps cause default values to be used for questions skipped by the jump. Jumping backwards does not affect the answers you have given. Providing a new answer to a previously answered question may affect questions later in the sequence.
Selecting the Done editing options button located just below the question list causes RCB to jump to the Submit Buildspec screen (see Submit Buildspec to the Build Queue).
*Right Pane
In this pane, RCB poses questions during the buildspec creation process. Questions include pulldown menus for selecting values and/or text boxes for entering data.
For instance, if the question list indicates that you are currently selecting a build action, the Build Action question displays on this pane.