Submit Buildspec to the Build Queue
Once you answer all the questions necessary for the creation of a buildspec, you must submit the buildspec to a build queue. Submitting a buildspec to the build queue saves the buildspec to a file. It also causes RCB to append the file to a queue in the GUI. Once the file is appended to the queue, you can execute the buildspec from within the GUI, or quit the GUI and execute it via the command line.
This screen summarizes the buildspec and allows you to review your work before submitting it to the build queue. The summary screen will look slightly different, depending on whether you have created a new buildspec or edited an existing one. If you modified an existing buildspec, a list of changes is included with the summary.
Once you are satisfied with your buildspec, select the Done editing buildspec button. This action
*Saves your build option answers in a buildspec file.
*Places the buildspec file in the build queue.
*Launches the Build queue screen, as shown in Consider Build Queue Options.