Specify a Buildspace
This screen allows you to indicate the location of the installed SourcePro components that you want the buildspec to use. It also allows you to specify where you want built components to be placed after a buildspec is executed.
The options on this screen are:­
*Local buildspace
This path tells RCB where to get the source files required for the build. The build results are placed in this same location unless you click Export the build. This field must contain a valid path.
*Export the build
Indicates that you want to store build results in a different directory than specified in Local Buildspace. This checkbox must be selected to make the Export buildspace and Copy these files fields become active.
*Export buildspace
The path entered for this field indicates where build results will be placed. Use this field only if you want build results to be placed in a directory different than indicated in the Local buildspace field.
*Copy these files
Specifies what type of data should be copied into the export buildspace along with the build results. Choosing Headers results in just the header files being copied. Choosing Headers and Source results in both header and source files being copied to the export directory.
If an existing location is the export buildspace and it already contains Rogue Wave source code, Headers and Source is selected automatically. This prevents buildspace cross-contamination where the source code files stored in the buildspace are different than those used to create the built components that also reside in the buildspace.
NOTE: On UNIX, note that RCB does not support symbolic links. For this reason, buildspace specifications must point to actual directories, not to symbolic links.
For a detailed explanation of this screen, see Select Buildspace.