Select Buildspace
A buildspace is the location where SourcePro components are installed and buildspecs are stored. RCB provides two buildspace options: local and export. This section explains local and export buildspaces. Additional information on buildspaces is in Chapter 4.
In RCB, you must specify the Local buildspace, the directory that contains all the Rogue Wave components used in the creation of the buildspec. The results of executed buildspecs are also placed here unless otherwise stated. Optionally, you can select an Export Buildspace, a separate location where you want the executed buildspecs to be stored.
NOTE: RCB does not support symbolic links. If you use symbolic links, you are likely to see this error message when you submit a buildspec: “Unable to verify Buildspace is properly homed.” This means RCB cannot verify that the buildspec being processed is correctly located in the buildspace it specifies, a consequence of RCB being unable to follow the symbolic link. RCB then aborts the build.