Modifying a Buildspec Without Changing Its Name
As Common Buildspec Mistakes warns, when you modify a buildspec there is a chance that you might change the buildspec name since the name is derived from the options selected. The new configuration creates a new directory and the whole build process begins anew.
If you modify an existing buildspec that has already been built and the name does not change, you may have problems. This occurs because the actions RCB performs depend on the state of that configuration in the buildspace. In other words, what RCB does varies depending on which build artifacts, such as makefiles and object files, exist.
NOTE: Rogue Wave strongly recommends that you ensure that the build starts in an empty directory any time you modify a buildspec.
There are two ways to ensure that the build starts in an empty directory: modify the user-defined tag (as explained in Select Naming Convention) or select the prebuild clean option (as explained in Select Clean Options). Either way, all artifacts are removed, which allows RCB to perform all steps of the build process from scratch. If you do not do this, RCB will not recreate a makefile if it already exists; it will start a compile from where it left off.