Select Naming Convention
These questions determine the string that is used in the built component names to indicate the build type. For example, in the library name tls12s.lib, the build tag part is 12s.
When you select a convention, the Build tag and Description fields are filled in automatically based on answers to previous questions. The User-defined tag field allows you to add your own identifier to the component name.
NOTE: The build tag also determines the buildspec name; that is, a build tag of 12s creates a buildspec of the name 12s.bsf. If your buildspace already contains a buildspec for the configuration you are defining, the new buildspec will overwrite the existing one unless you specify a different naming convention or supply a user-defined tag.
The easiest solution is to define a user-defined tag, which becomes part of the buildspec name, making it different from the existing one. For example, the user-defined tag “_solaris” would change the buildspec name 12s.bsf to 12s_solaris.bsf, thus preserving the existing buildspec.