Export Buildspace
To place the build results in a buildspace different than the local buildspace, click Export the build and specify a path in Export buildspace field. This is the buildspace where buildspec results will be placed from now on.
If you choose to export the build, all of the resources needed for the build — buildspec, source code, component data — are still taken from the local buildspace, but the build results — compiled components, object files and makefiles — are placed in the specified export buildspace. By default, RCB also copies the header files to the export buildspace. If you select Headers and source from the Copy these files pulldown menu, the source code is copied as well.
If you select a preexisting location as the export buildspace, and that location already contains Rogue Wave source code, RCB forces Headers and Source to be selected in the Copy these files pulldown menu. This requirement prevents a situation where the source code in a buildspace is not the same code used to create the built components in that buildspace. Likewise, you cannot export into an existing export buildspace that was created from a different source buildspace.