Compiling Issues
Invoking RCB's Makefiles from the Command Line
RCB generates a top-level makeall script for each buildspec it runs. This script offers a convenient alternative to using RCB commands to build or rebuild all the libraries and examples associated with a particular buildspec.
The scripts are located in the workspace root directory, and are named makeall_<btype><user_tag>, where <btype> is the buildspec’s buildtype number (for example, 12d) and <user_tag> is any user tag provided to RCB at buildspec creation (such as _msvc9).
When run, a given makeall script invokes the makefiles for every module and example directory specified in the associated buildspec.
In addition, makeall scripts accept the targets clean and veryclean, so they can also be used to clean (remove object files) or veryclean (remove objects and executables) everything in a buildspec.