Assume a UNIX workspace root of /nfs/home/mine/rwave and a buildspec specifying
*Essential Tools Module and Currency Module and all Tools and Currency examples
*a 12d build
*User tag = _hp11_a334
*build action of "Build libraries only"
This build action tells RCB to generate makefiles and libraries, but to not build the examples.(See Select Build Action for more information on build actions.)
Once RCB runs this buildspec, it generates the following makeall file: /nfs/home/mine/rwave/makeall_12d_hp11_a334.
To build the examples
If you wish to now build the examples, invoke the makeall script:
$ makeall_12d_hp11_a334
To remove object files
You may also reduce disk space usage by removing object files:
$ makeall_12d_hp11_a334 clean