You have the choice of using the NetLib CLAPACK library (see above for link requirements) or the MKL BLA library on a Linux platform.
If you built the Essential Math Module library using the MKL library, the MKL libraries must be specified on the link line when building your applications. When specifying the location of the BLAS/LAPACK library, be sure to provide the path up to, but not including, the lib and include directories.
For example, use /usr/local/mkl instead of /usr/local/mkl/lib or /usr/local/mkl/include.
For 32-bit, the libraries you need are: mkl_intel, mkl_sequential, and mkl_core.
For 64-bit, the libraries you need are: mkl_intel_lp64, mkl_sequential, and mkl_core.
At runtime, the shared library dispatcher loads the appropriate .so files for the processor dynamic kernel.