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Class rwsf::CountingPointer< T >
Use RefCountingPointer instead.
Member rwsf::CountingPointer< T >::get (void) const
Member rwsf::CountingPointer< T >::swapWith (CountingPointer< T > &second)
Member rwsf::CountingPointer< T >::validate (void) const
Use operator*() instead.
Member rwsf::HttpServletRequest::parseDate (const std::string &value) const
As of version 4.6, replaced by getDateHeader().
Member rwsf::XmlParseException::XmlParseException (const std::string &msg)
Constructs an rwsf::XmlParseException with the given string message.
Member rwsf::XmlParseException::XmlParseException (const char *msg)
Constructs an rwsf::XmlParseException with the given msg.
Member rwsf::XmlUtils::stripTag (const std::string &str, const std::string &tag, bool ignoreProlog=false)
Please use stripTag(const std::string&, bool) instead.
Member rwsf::XmlWriter::WhiteSpace
Use Blank instead.
Use rwsf::MessageHandlerImp::RWSF_DEFINE_MESSAGE_HANDLER instead.

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