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rwsf::TimeSpan Member List

This is the complete list of members for rwsf::TimeSpan, including all inherited members.

asString() const rwsf::TimeSpanvirtual
compareTo(const TimeSpan &rhs)rwsf::TimeSpanvirtual
extract(const std::string &duration)rwsf::TimeSpanvirtual
getDays() const rwsf::TimeSpan
getHours() const rwsf::TimeSpan
getMinutes() const rwsf::TimeSpan
getMonths() const rwsf::TimeSpan
getSeconds() const rwsf::TimeSpan
getYears() const rwsf::TimeSpan
isEqual(const TimeSpan &rhs)rwsf::TimeSpanvirtual
isNegative() const rwsf::TimeSpan
isValid() const rwsf::TimeSpan
operator!=(const TimeSpan &lhs, const TimeSpan &rhs)rwsf::TimeSpanrelated
operator+(const rwsf::DateTime &aDateTime) const rwsf::TimeSpan
operator<(const TimeSpan &lhs, const TimeSpan &rhs)rwsf::TimeSpanrelated
operator=(const TimeSpan &rhs)rwsf::TimeSpan
operator==(const TimeSpan &lhs, const TimeSpan &rhs)rwsf::TimeSpanrelated
setDays(unsigned long days)rwsf::TimeSpan
setHours(unsigned long hours)rwsf::TimeSpan
setMinutes(unsigned long minutes)rwsf::TimeSpan
setMonths(unsigned long yemonthsars)rwsf::TimeSpan
setSeconds(double seconds)rwsf::TimeSpan
setYears(unsigned long years)rwsf::TimeSpan
TimeSpan(unsigned long years=0, unsigned long months=0, unsigned long days=0, unsigned long hours=0, unsigned long minutes=0, double seconds=0.0)rwsf::TimeSpan
TimeSpan(const std::string &duration)rwsf::TimeSpan
TimeSpan(const TimeSpan &other)rwsf::TimeSpan

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