Next Steps
You’ve completed the basic HydraExpress example, HelloWorld. For more detail on the concepts introduced as part of this example:
*For a simple example illustrating how to extend this HelloWorld Web service by adding security and SOAP headers, see Chapter 4, Extending Your Web Service.
*For complete information about how the code generator works, its command line options, and working with schemas and complex types, see Chapter 20, The HydraExpress Code Generator.
*For information on the HydraExpress project file and directory structure, see Chapter 21, The Project File and Directory Structure.
*For background detail on the library classes used in the generated code, see the HydraExpress C++ API Reference Guide, accessible at <installdir>\docs\index.html.
*For more information on the datatypes generated by HydraExpress and how they map from XML Schema types to C++ types, see Appendix A.
*For detailed information about creating Web services with HydraExpress and using its more advanced features, see Part IV, Extending your Applications.