The HydraExpress Code Generator
The HydraExpress code generator rwsfgen takes as input one or more XML Schema files or Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) files. It then generates code and various files that support XML binding and building Web services.
*Given an XML Schema as input, the generator parses the schema and creates C++ classes that represent the schema.
*Given a WSDL as input, the generator also creates both client-side and server-side components for the service described in the WSDL file.
In addition to the generated code, HydraExpress creates an XML-based project file defining all project elements, as well as a variety of optional files such as makefiles, sample applications, MSVC project files, and HTML reference documentation for the generated classes.
This chapter offers an overview on how the generator works with either XML Schema or a WSDL, the various options available when running the generator, the expected output, and the architecture of the generated classes.
For an introductory example on building Web services using the generated classes, see Chapter 3, Creating a Web Service.
For an introduction on marshaling and unmarshaling XML documents using the generated classes, see Chapter 6, Working with Data.