Invoking the Generator with a WSDL File
Given the command
<prompt> rwsfgen -projectname MyProject MyService.wsdl
HydraExpress generates a project named MyProject containing server and client side code, and creates a code generation directory MyProject, where it places all the generated files.
NOTE: HydraExpress supports only file paths without spaces, so when naming your project, do not include spaces, since HydraExpress uses the project name as a basis for the name of the code generation directory.
Architecture of the Generated Classes illustrates the architecture of the generated classes. Generated Files describes the generated output.
The generator creates a log file rwsfgen.log, located in the directory where the generator was invoked, listing all generated files. It also produces errors and warnings for unrecognized or unsupported features in the WSDL file. Errors halt the generation process; warnings are treated as diagnostic messages only, so the generator attempts to produce code from any WSDL document, regardless of whether it is valid. Providing an invalid document to the generator may result in code that does not compile.
NOTE: Errors halt the code generation process by default. You may override this with the switch -nohaltonerror; however using this switch may result in code generation errors or uncompilable code.
HydraExpress creates several subdirectories containing the generated files, as well as a project file reflecting the various options used when generating the project. For more detail on the project file and the code generation directory, see Chapter 21, The Project File and Directory Structure.