Adding Options and Customized Mappings to the HydraExpress Project File
Generally, you will add options directly to the command line when you invoke the generator, and HydraExpress will then merge these options into the generated HydraExpress project file. This way, if you wish to rerun the generator, you do not need to again enter options on the command line, unless they have changed.
You may also choose to change the options directly in the HydraExpress project file before code generation, and provide it as the only argument to the generator.
Alternatively, you may add special options directly to a separate HydraExpress project file, and supply it as an argument to the code generator. This approach allows you to maintain a customized project file containing a specific set of options that you might use on a particular type of project, avoiding the need to enter each one manually at the command line.
NOTE: If you provide more than one HydraExpress project file to the code generator, the values in the last project file on the command line override any previous values in the event of conflicts. See Conflicting Options and Property Precedence for more information on property precedence.
For more information on working with project files, see The Project File.