The Project File
When the code generator rwsfgen is invoked, a top-level configuration file is created that contains all project elements, including any WSDLs or XML Schemas provided to the generator, all generation options, and any special mappings or other elements used as an argument during code generation. This file supports a project structure of any complexity and allows you to easily maintain your project using one file.
The code generator accepts any file of any name that adheres to the schema used by the project file, so you can easily create and maintain your own project files that contain special options or elements you wish to use for particular projects.
One useful technique is to create a customized project file containing special generation options that you want your project to use. If you provide this file to HydraExpress, it will use it to generate code. HydraExpress will then create a new project file in the output directory you specify for the project. This new project file is a combination of the custom project file provided the code generator, default generation options, and any additional options specifically provided on the command line. See Adding Options and Customized Mappings to the HydraExpress Project File for more information.
This section discusses a sample project file, adding options to a project file, and the HydraExpress project schema.