Using the HydraExpress Project File to Set Options
While you may enter options on the command line, you may also either add them directly to an already-generated HydraExpress project file, or create a separate HydraExpress project file containing options that you wish to use regularly across like projects. This file may be called anything as long as it includes available HydraExpress project elements and options. See The Generated Project Directory for an example project file.
For example, the shipped examples use a HydraExpress project file titled example-project.xml. This file contains options such as -sourcepro or -whitespace and is provided to HydraExpress at code generation time. For an example of this file, see the DayOfWeek example in your <installdir>\examples\webservices\DayOfWeek directory.
For more information on options in general, see Generator Options. For more information on using a HydraExpress project file to set options, see Creating a Customized Project File for Special Generation Options.