Introduction to the HydraExpress Project File
The XML-based HydraExpress project file defines all elements for this project.
If the command line does not specify a project file, HydraExpress generates one using the options specified on the command line. For example, a command line of
rwsfgen -projectname MyProject MyWSDL.wsdl
would result in the creation of a project file called MyProject.xml in a directory MyProject. The project file would define a single WSDL file, MyWSDL.wsdl, and would also include a number of other elements defining default values for the various project options.
To reinvoke the code generator, you may either
*call the rwsfgen application with the MyProject.xml as the only argument
*call the rwsfgen application with one or more WSDL or XML files, the mandatory -projectname argument, and any other available options. At reinvocation, the generator regenerates the project file, merging any additional command line arguments.
For detailed information on the HydraExpress project file, see The Generated Project Directory.