Chart wizard

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The chart wizard allows you to create charts from either the backlog or Planning section, or from a report. This allows you to quickly create charts using a chosen subset of your project data.

To create a chart directly from the planning or backlog view start by selecting a single item with children, right clicking it and choosing Create dashboard chart.

Note: It is only possible to generate charts of a single item and its children.

To create a chart from a report you start by selecting the report in the Reports dialog, click More and select Create dashboard chart.

In either case you will be brought to the chart wizard.

Here you get to name your chart, select its type (bar, pie, burndown line, burndown area) as well as the measure and dimension you wish to use. See Chart types. You also specify the page on which you want the chart created. The new chart will be added to the end of the chosen page.

The wizard simplifies chart creation by providing a limited set of options. A chart created in the wizard can be edited from the Dashboards tab.

In this example the measure Number of items and the dimension Status completion are selected.