Helix IPLM user guide

Helix IPLM is a comprehensive IP Lifecycle Management (IPLM) platform, enabling companies of all sizes to have complete control over the design and integration of both internal and external design elements including libraries, new analog and digital design, and standalone IP.

Helix IPLM maximizes internal and external design traceability and reuse by tightly coupling IP creators with IP consumers. Centralized cataloging, automated notifications, extendible permissions, and integrated analytics provide the transparency and control needed to streamline collaboration. Helix IPLM’s unique IP/block-centric approach to management ensures everything from design creation through to defect tracking is associated with the design hierarchy.

Helix IPLM IP lifecycle management ensures complete visibility into the state and usage of IP from the moment it enters the system until an SoC is delivered. Supporting advanced tracking and management across multiple projects, multiple sites, and multiple generations of the IP’s evolution – it ensures IP is no longer a black box dropped into the design, but rather a critical piece that must be understood and tracked at every step in the design process.

The system builds on advanced design-centric data management to ensure critical design information is always available, and any potential problem can be instantly reproduced.