Helix Core Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended to help both new administrators and new end users set up Helix Core on Windows and Linux, and begin versioning with Perforce.

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End users

See End User Quick Start.



See Prerequisites before you get started and then review Admin Quick Start.

Helix Core is built using the client-server model. To enable end users to interact with a Helix Core server using a Helix Core client, the administrator must first set up the server and create user accounts.

Need additional assistance?

  • To purchase a Helix Core license, contact Perforce Sales.
  • For technical support, contact Perforce Support.
  • For training or to have Helix Core administered for you, contact Perforce Consulting.
  • For information on installing and deploying Helix Core in the cloud, see the Enhanced Studio Pack guide for Azure or AWS.