The prerequisites for the Helix Core trial this Quickstart describes are:

  • The team has a person who will serve as the "Helix Core administrator". You might call this server administrator your "IT resource" or your "team lead".

    The Helix Core adminstrator has:

  • The Helix Core administrator has determined with the rest of the team which type of trial to conduct:

      Proof of Concept Real Work for a Product


    no passwords needed

    every user is a superuser by default

    protection of secret assets and intellectual property

    • secure passwords

    • limiting what non-admin users can see


    For simplicity, this example shows how to set up password-based authentication. Helix Core also supports more sophisticated security mechanisms. See Securing the server in Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.


    sample placeholder files to see how things work

    throw away the test assets after the trial

    keep the assets for use in a product release
    Hardware any hardware hardware that will scale to accommodate many large files
    Skill Set minimal need of administrative expertise requires administrative expertise
  • All client computers are on a connected network.

  • If any of the users want to try the Helix Sync client, the version control tool for artists and designers, those users must be running Windows 10 or macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later. See Optional: Use Helix Sync.