Helix DAM User Guide

Helix Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a web-based interface that streamlines and secures the process of finding, reviewing, using, repurposing, and sharing assets. Every asset, from every contributor, for any project is stored in a single, secure location.

If you are new to Helix DAM, see these topics to get started:

What's new

Check out what's new in this release. See the release notes for a complete list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Feedback and support

If you need technical support or have feedback about Helix DAM, contact Perforce Support.

Perforce Support cannot help you with user account creation or with resetting your password. Contact your administrator for help.

Additional resources

Administrator guide

Before users can access Helix DAM, an administrator needs to set it up. See the Helix DAM Administrator Guide.

Helix Sync guide

Helix Sync is a desktop client you can use to drag and drop files to quickly version any type of asset. You may want to use it in combination with Helix DAM. See the Helix Sync Guide.