Configuring escalation rules

Escalation rules evaluate items and perform actions based on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. For example, you can configure a rule that is evaluated every Monday morning to change the Priority field for issues in the same state for longer than a week. See Escalation rule examples.

Note:  You can also manually evaluate rules to immediately perform actions on items that pass the rule. See Manually running escalation rules.

Escalation rules can perform the following actions:

Note:  If the Helix ALM Server is not available when rules are scheduled for evaluation, they are evaluated after the server starts and the project loads.

1. Choose Tools > Administration > Automation Rules.

The Configure Automation Rules dialog box opens.

2. Select an item Type.

3. Click the Escalations tab.

4. Click Add to create an escalation rule. See Adding escalation rules.

5. Select a rule and click Edit to change it. See Editing and deleting escalation rules.

Note:  Invalid rules, which are displayed in gray, do not run. For example, an escalation rule becomes invalid if the filter used in the rule is deleted. You can edit an invalid rule to correct the problem.

6. Select a rule and click Inactivate to inactivate it. See Inactivating escalation rules.

7. Select a rule and click Delete to delete it. See Editing and deleting escalation rules.

8. Click OK to save the changes.