Adding Send Email automation rule actions

The Send Email automation rule action emails selected users and customers about changes in the project. You can add this action to system notifications and escalation rules.

1. Select Send email from the Action list in the Add Rule Action dialog box when you are configuring an automation rule.

2. Select a Recipient.

  • Send to the Entered by user emails the user who entered the issue.
  • Send to the currently assigned users emails all currently assigned users.
  • Send to Found by users emails all Found by users, the first Found by user, or the last Found by user for the issue.
  • Send to Modified by users emails all Modified by users, the first Modified by user, or the last Modified by user.
  • Send to the last user to enter an event emails the user who last entered the selected event. The list includes all events defined for the item workflow. If the last user entered the event in response to a multi-user assignment, the notification is sent to the last user who responded.
  • Send to the following users emails the selected users or customers. Click the Find User button to search for users. See Searching for users and customers in fields.
  • Send to the following groups emails the selected security groups.
  • Send to the following list of users emails users in the selected custom field list. This option is only available if a custom user pop-up menu field is configured for the item type.

3. Select an email Template.

Note:  Access options configured for email templates are ignored when email is sent from an automation rule. Do not select an email template that includes sensitive information. See Customizing email templates.

4. Select any additional options.

  • Do not send email if current user made the change does not email the user who performed the action that caused the notification to be sent. This option is only available for notification rules.
  • Only send email to currently assigned users only emails the currently assigned users.
  • Track sent emails adds the sent email to the Email tab in the corresponding item. Email tracking must be enabled for the project. See Setting email project options.

Note:  Tracking automated emails requires more storage space on the server and will result in slower performance.

5. Click OK to add the action.