Setting email project options

You can configure options to allow users to send email from Helix ALM and track email sent about items.

Note:  Email sending and tracking must also be enabled in the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility. See the server admin help for information about setting email sending and email tracking options.

1. Choose Tools > Administration > Project Options.

The Project Options dialog box opens.

2. Select the Email category.

3. Select Enable email tracking for this project to enable email tracking.

Tracked email includes a cookie that uniquely identifies the project and the item it was sent from. When a reply is sent, the email is retrieved from the email tracking account by the Helix ALM Server, attached to the corresponding item, and forwarded to the user who sent the original email.

4. Select Enable email sending for this project to enable email sending.

If you do not select this option, users cannot send email from Helix ALM or receive email notifications.

5. Enter an Email Notifications Return Address information and select a notification option.

  • Account name identifies the email sender name associated with the specified email address. The name defaults to Helix ALM, but you may want to customize it for your organization.
  • Email address is displayed as the return address for notifications automatically sent from Helix ALM. If you do not enter an email address, email notifications may be rejected because some internet providers do not accept email without a return address. If you use the Exchange Online protocol, make sure you use a separate email address for the return address. Any sent email will be in the Sent box for the email address in this field. If use an actual user's email address, system notifications sent by Helix ALM will be in the user's Sent box. If a user replies to an email sent based on a system notification rule, it will go to the this user's email and be flagged as orphaned email in Helix ALM. You can use the same address configured in the server admin utility for sending and receiving email using the Exchange protocol. Using a separate address makes it easy to look at the email account to see what emails have actually been sent by Helix ALM.
  • Always use this return address for email notifications always uses the specified email address to send notifications to users.
  • Only use this return address for notifications sent when a user is not logged in uses the specified email address for notifications sent when a user is not logged in. This option is most useful when notifications are sent during email imports or when SoloSubmit is used because these actions do not require a user log in.
  • Only use this return address if the logged in user’s email address is empty uses the specified email address if the user who performed an action that caused a notification to be sent does not have an email address stored in their user record.

6. Click OK to save the changes.