Searching for users and customers in fields

If a Helix ALM project has a large number of users or customers, it may be easier to search for users to add to a field instead of locating them in a list. You can search all user fields for a value or perform an advanced search based on specific fields, such as Company, Division, and Department.

1. To search for users to add to a field, click the Find User button next to the field.

The Select Users dialog box opens.

2. Enter a value to search for in the Search field. The search is not case sensitive.

The following fields are searched: Last name, First name, MI, Company, Division, Department, Security groups, and Address.

3. Expand the Advanced Search options to search for values in specific fields.

Note:  If the Search field contains a value, it is used in combination with the advanced search criteria when the search is performed.

4. Click Find.

The search results are displayed. Click Clear to clear the search criteria and results.

5. Select a user in the results.

  • If you are adding a user to a single user field, continue with step 6.
  • To add users to a multiple user field, select the users in the results and click Add. To remove users, select the users in the selected users list and click Remove.

6. Click Select to add the users to the field.