Working with the backlog

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The backlog is the central repository for future work and is usually a vital part of an Agile project. Items in the backlog can be anything that represents future work — requirements, bugs, enhancements, feature requests, or scheduled tasks.

Items in the backlog are not yet committed to a sprint, so there is no work currently in progress them. To commit an item from the backlog to a sprint and assign it to a user, drag the item from the backlog to the sprint.

Items committed to a sprint from the backlog are indicated with before the item name and the sprint name in the Committed to column.

Tip:  To change the sub project path depth, click Show, click Sub project path depth, and choose a depth. This is useful when an item is displayed out of context. The item path is prepended to the item name at the selected depth.

You can work with items in the backlog in the following views, which have the same information and items:

Tip:  You can configure the backlog to use custom columns based on your needs. See Customizing project columns.