Release Notes

Perforce JViews 9.3


This document describes the main changes that have been made to JViews since version 9.2.

1         General changes

         JViews libraries are compatible with Oracle and OpenJDK Java 7 - 15, but are still compiled to Java 7.

         JViews Eclipse components can be used in the last Eclipse version (Eclipse 2021-06 / 4.17).

         Issue saving dashboard with IlvDashboardDiagram.writeDashboard issue with Java 11 is fixed.

         Remove dependency on com.sun.image.code.jpeg internal classes

         Updated Attribution reports that detail open-source software used in JViews.

         JViews samples stability improvements.

         Installation improvements on Windows to allows installation without Admin privileges.

         Perforce rebranding.

         Other various bug fixes and minor enhancements.


2         Modules changes

         Framework release notes

         Charts release notes

         Gantt release notes

         Diagrammer release notes

         Maps release notes

         Maps for defense release notes

         TGO release notes