Build Output Screen
If you choose to execute a buildspec via the GUI, the Build Output screen appears. The Build Output screen displays the execution of a buildspec. At the beginning of a build, the RCB build manager runs a series of characterization tests to determine the capabilities of your compiler environment. It uses the resulting data to further fine-tune the buildspec to your system’s requirements.
For more information on executing buildspecs, see Executing Buildspecs.
As RCB builds components, it uses one of three codes to indicate the result of each attempt. The code used appears on both the left and right of the component name.
Information regarding build attempts appears in two places; the first time RCB attempts to compile the component, and the Results section.
The Results section summarizes how each build attempt fared. If a build failed, scroll up the Build Output screen to find the line where RCB attempted to compile the component. The explanation for the failure is located on that line.
RCB uses three codes to help you differentiate the components that you build:
*----component_nameCOMPLETE ----
The component was built without any known problems.
*====component_nameBUILD_FAILED ====
This indicates an error condition. RCB experienced problems while building the component. Go to the line where RCB attempted to build the component to view the error notice.
*****component_nameFAILED ****
This is an internal condition that is used for testing purposes. This does not affect your builds.
Click Browse Output to view the Build Report generated during the execution of the buildspec. For more information, see Build Report.
Deselect Auto-scrolling enabled to prevent RCB from continually displaying the latest action taken while executing the build.