Appendix A, Glossary
build configuration
The flags, macro definitions, and link options needed to build a given set of components on a given platform.
build manager
The portion of RCB which executes buildspecs. Also known as the Build Output screen within the GUI. When buildspecs are executed, the components listed within the buildspec are built into makefiles and executables.
build specification
Also referred to as buildspec, this is the file generated by RCB, based on information you provide, and used by RCB as a roadmap for conducting a build. In addition to the build configuration, it includes information such as the target buildspace location, the component set to be built, and a characterization of the compiler environment. This term is often abbreviated as buildspec
A directory location in which components are both installed and built. A buildspace can contain any number of components built in any number of ways. This term replaces the Software Parts Manager term workspace
A data set created through a series of tests that defines the capabilities and characteristics of a given compiler environment. Besides the compiler itself, the characterization may include system issues such as the availability of system libraries, and non-compiler issues such as database characteristics for SourcePro DB.

In file and directory names, “characterization” is abbreviated as “ch13n”.
A buildable entity. Most commonly, this is a set of code files that build into a library or an example application.

The term component contrasts with product, which is a market term for a saleable entity. Usually a product consists of a number of components, including one or more libraries and an example set.
Rogue Wave Component Builder (RCB)
A wizard-like interface for creating build specifications, and a build manager that uses the build specifications to conduct builds. RCB is not an installer.
Software Parts Manager (SPM)
The previous Rogue Wave application for managing the building of Rogue Wave components.